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Passion Spas



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Hearth 310x120

The Elevate hot tub with ice bath offers the opportunity to enjoy the heat of a hot tub while also using the ice bath tub for your health. The Elevate is equipped with beautiful natural wood side panels and LED corners.


 Dimensions: 120" x 90" X 43" Chiller: 1.3 Kw
Number of Seats: 6 Filtration System: Superior
Number of Loungers: 1 Capacity: 502 Gallons
Total Massage Jets: 105 Dry Weight: 992 lbs


  • Aqua Rolling Massage
  • LED Lights in Corner Panels
  • StarBrite LED Underwater Lighting
  • Number of Headrests-5
  • Number of Controls Air Supply-6
  • Operating System: Balboa


  • 230V 16 Amp

    What's Included?

    • Matching Cover & Steps
    • Starter Kit

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    Free Curbside Delivery

    Shipping Policy


    The reinforced structure is warranted for 10 years not to leak.


    The acrylic surface is warranted for 5 years against blisters, cracks and delamination. Use of the spa without a cover voids the warranty.

    Plumbing, fittings, and all electrical components are warranted against failure for 2 years. Warranty excludes gaskets and seals.

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    Health Benefits

    Increased alertness

    A cold bath immediately turns you 'sharp'! Research shows that an ice bath results in an increased heart rate, higher blood pressure and faster breathing. The ingredients­ for increased alertness! It is like when you take a cold shower, your muscles tense. That causes vasoconstriction. This raises your blood pressure and 'hydrostat­ic pressure', causing your heart to pump faster and more blood to go to your muscles. In this way the blood brings different substances to the right places in the body. Think of oxygen, vitamins, minerals, glucose and fatty acids. At the same time, waste is removed. And the blood circulation is important for fluid balance, growth and the physical defense system.

    Stronger immune system

    Other research shows that people who take an ice bath every day are 29% more likely to keep healthy. More than 3000 people participated in this study.

    Better mood

    Do you want to have a better mood? Take an ice bath! The researchers stated that exposure to cold water increases the availability of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and endorphins. People would therefore be in a better positive mood.

    Cool down faster after exercise

    Quicker cool down after exercise? Then take an ice bath after your workout! Research has shown that your body warms up a lot faster this way. And as a bonus, it can also help reduce inflammation.

    Pain Relief

    Putting an ice pack on a painful body part is nothing new. The cold causes the swelling to go down. But it also slows down the speed at which nerves send pain signals to the brain. An ice bath will work in the same way for pain relief.

    Faster recovery

    Soaking first in warm water and then in cold water will improve recovery of muscles and recovery of energy quickly.

    Our Fulfillment Process

    Quality Control

    At Tidal Wave Spas, we go above and beyond to ensure the utmost satisfaction for our customers. Before your spa reaches your doorstep, it undergoes a meticulous multi-point inspection, which encompasses thorough water testing and various quality checks. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, aimed at providing you with a spa that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Trust us to make every moment in your spa a blissful experience, as we guarantee the delivery of a truly beautiful and high-quality product.

    Worry free shipping

    At Tidal Wave Spas, your satisfaction is our top priority. Rest assured, your spa will not only arrive promptly but also in pristine condition. Following a comprehensive inspection, each spa undergoes a thorough cleaning process to ensure impeccable hygiene standards. Subsequently, we take the extra step of meticulously wrapping each spa in a specially designed protective wrap. This not only safeguards the interior components but also shields the exterior, guaranteeing that your spa reaches you in perfect condition, ready for you to enjoy a luxurious and worry-free relaxation experience.

    On the Truck

    At Tidal Wave Spas, we prioritize the utmost care in transporting your spa to guarantee a secure and worry-free journey. Following thorough preparation, each spa is carefully positioned on a designated truck for shipment by our skilled team. As it arrives at your destination, our unwavering commitment to a seamless experience persists. Your spa is delivered right to your doorstep with meticulous precision, ensuring a hassle-free process. Our delivery service is designed for your convenience, offering a curbside delivery that effortlessly brings the luxury of your spa experience directly to you.

    At your door

    At Tidal Wave Spas, we understand the value of your time, and we ensure that your spa arrives within the allocated timeframe. Your finely crafted spa will be delivered right to your curbside, reflecting our commitment to a seamless experience. For a smooth transition to your desired location, we recommend seeking the assistance of a professional to move your spa, ensuring the precision and care that mirrors the excellence of our products.

    How to prepare for your new Spa

    Designate an area

    Take a moment to survey your outdoor space and carefully determine the optimal location for your new spa. Consider the size and strength requirements, ensuring that the chosen area can adequately support the spa's weight. Additionally, choose a spot in proximity to a water source or plumbing for seamless functionality. Factor in the ease of accessibility by leaving sufficient space for entering and exiting your spa. This thoughtful planning ensures not only the aesthetic integration of your spa into your outdoor space but also practical considerations for a convenient and enjoyable experience.

    Foundational support

    The next step would be to decide on which foundation would work best for you, as each spa requires a sturdy, and leveled foundation.

    Each of the following would be great foundational support options for the Spa. Please choose a wooden deck, concrete slab, or spa pads.

    Swimming Spas: Concrete slabs at least 4" thick and reinforced by rebar is recommended.

    Wooden decks: Please have it inspected for safety, durability and make sure it's leveled. The wooden deck must be large enough to hold the spa.

    Concrete slabs: If your concrete is laid by a professional, or if you already have a slab, please ensure it is large enough to hold the spa. The concrete must be level.

    Spa pads: Ensure they are interlocked correctly, and they are placed in leveled area.

    Proper Electrical

    To unlock the full potential of the technological and heating features of your new spa, it must be properly plugged in. This involves running a dedicated electrical line from your power source to the spa. We highly recommend using GFCI breakers, with some swim spas possibly requiring two breakers. Alternatively, subpanels can be utilized for this purpose. It is crucial to ensure that the electrical line corresponds to the correct voltage, and the breaker aligns with the appropriate amperage, details of which can be found in the spa specifications. If you find yourself uncertain about handling electrical work, it's strongly advised to refrain from attempting it yourself and seek the expertise of a professional electrician for a safe and compliant installation.

    Delivery Day

    Prepare thoughtfully for the arrival of your spa by ensuring you are available on the scheduled delivery day. As the spa will be delivered curbside, it's essential to have a pre-established plan for moving it from the curb to its designated location. If your property features gates, confirm their measurements align with the size of the purchased spa. Ensure a clear, unobstructed path from the truck to the placement site by removing any lawn tools, furniture, dog toys, or other potential obstacles. Given the substantial weight of spas, exercise caution when maneuvering them into place. For a smooth and secure delivery process, it is highly recommended to enlist the assistance of professionals if you find yourself short of help.

    Spa Set Up

    Your spa will likely be ready for you to enjoy 24 hours after delivery. To ensure the quickest set up, please follow these steps.

    • Before you begin to fill the spa, turn off the electricity to avoid getting shocked. 
    • Clean the spa and open the air valves. 
    • Use a hose to fill the spa with water. You don't need to use any special type of filtered water when filling the tub.
    • Turn the power back on and let the tub heat up. Spas can take as long as four to eight hours to get hot.
    • Add in sanitation chemicals. Allow time for them to work. It may take as long between 12 and 24 hours.
    • Test the water with a kit to make sure the chemical levels are right before you use the spa.
    • Once the water is hot and the chemicals are balanced, it’s finally time to relax in your new spa.

    When in doubt please contact a professional for help.

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